Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Post-Expo Pre-ThoughtBubble


Just a quick note to say HI to everyone who came by our table at the MCM this weekend. I had a bit of ill and was kinda incoherent and glaring at everyone, but you were all nice so hopefully it's okay! And nobody caught what I had. Thanks also to Claude and Dev and Jess and Joss and Thegirlsbehindus and Tom and Katie for totally putting up with my grog all weekend.

I'll also be at Thought Bubble in Leeds in a week or so. No new stuff I'm afraid, I'm still kickin' the crap out of Rockfall#3! Just trying to get as much cool stuff in there as possible, I think I've been "two thirds done" for the last three months. So hopefully when it's done it'll be six thirds awesome or something, maybe that's how it works.

But yeah! Hi! Hope you're all good. And reading DC's Action Comics! And Hemlock! And Journey Into Stupid! And Saturn Apartments! And End of Days (No Arnold, just Dinaosaurs)!