Tuesday, 28 July 2009

HI! I'm back!

From Denmark! I was crashing at Phish's place eating his crisps, wrecking the place and drawing comics. :D We did lots! I'll be posting it over the next few days I think, I'm still a bit wrecked (I thought we didn't do so much, but memories of long trekkin' adventures stumble out of the back of my mind and I realise why I'm still knackered. My legs hate me!).

Phish did me this sweet bit of rockfall art which I really dig:

I grew up with Phish, artwise, so it's great to see his stuff again! It was also good to see him, himself! haha! Hooray! :D Thanks for a great weekend Phish! :D

I've also locked and loaded 3 more Sticks pages (and worked out what the cover's gonna be, HOOYA), the next page of Dig It! and some awesome Rockfall stuff from my partner in archaeology, Nick Liaw! But I'm seriously bushed right now, I'll post them when I'm more awake, the power of bed is... too great...