Thursday, 16 July 2009


Ebon Spire is a, quite frankly GRUELLING comics duel being held on DeviantArt; 32 artists drawing comics of their character fight another artist's character, with the comic judged the best being classes as canon and the other being ELIMINATED. They're big comics too, each part is given 6 weeks to be completed in (I think) so they all end up being about 10+pages long. Everyone's bringing the best they have to offer, but two rounds in and our strange friend Claude TC is rockin' it!

It's Ewan, regenerative 70s quiff-wielding optimist! The last man alive vs everything! All he has is his duct tape and a radio-sword! Ewan! Claude! Ewan and Claude!! VS EVERYTHING!!!!! EVERYONE!!!!! ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!


I'm gonna go make a flag with Claude's face on.