Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Yeah! Started a new comic. I don't normally post comics as I go, but we'll see how this works out. It's not a Rockfall thing, it's another thing, a Post-Apocolyptic Triffid Ronin story set around about Cornwall. :D Note the thinner panel borders! Whoa! Stylistic adventure! :D

I'll be selling Rockfall again at this: 176 on Sat 27th june! It's open midday til late I think, and I think there will also be beer (tea at least), and dozens of talented creators and stuff, it's gonna be awwwweeesommmmmmmmmme :D

Sticks won't be ready for then though. C'mon, I just started it. :D

I've also been reading Claymore. I like it, it's a bit like the original Battle Angel Alita series, which I love, only with demons and swords instead of cyborgs and rocket-hammers.

Wah wah :D