Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Broomsquad & Rockfall#2

Hi! Yeah! I've been up to stuff, for once, and this is what it is.

First off I've finished part one of Broomsquad, serial story that's running in Non-Repro magazine. It's about witches solving magical crimes and kicking the shit out of things. I like it! I don't know when it'll be out yet, but I'll post when it is. I've been talking about doing this for ages, so it's good to finally get something done about it. Witch SWAT! YEAH!

Also in preparation for the UK Webcomix Thing in London I've been working on Rockfall#2. Holy shit! It's a short one, but a good one I reckon. So far I've done 3/4 of a page out of about 16, so it's gonna be tough, but not as tough as doing a con a whole year later without a continuation of the story, so I'll get it done, deffo! :D People have been very nice about the first one so this year I'm getting right on that to try and make up for that year's gap. Not cool. I wanted to start earlier than like, now, but my day job has exploded (in a good way! :D) so I've kinda been putting it off. I'm typing this now at >9pm from work in my noodle break! :D But yeah, I'm tired of putting one thing off in favour of another so I'm doing both, in UNCOMPROMISING STYLE. So yeah, chances are at the Thing I'll be some kinda charcoal-coated husk, incapable of conversation and barely capable of respiration, but I'll be happy. :D Go go go!!

finally check out claude and elliwiny's Ebon Spire OCT comics, it's STILL awesome and it's on the last leg! One of them is on THIER last legs, but WHO?! Oh no!! Seriously guys, doing these comics in the quantity and quality that you have for the last year is downright freakin' HEROIC. :D