Wednesday, 5 November 2008


I'm trying out that "sketch a day" thing that I kinda seem to always do about this time of year.

I'm trying to work out how this comic should look, it's a lot more black and white than I'm used to so I'm kinda still feeling my way around it. I'm getting closer to what I want ("heavy blacks with some crosshatching but not TOO MUCH" is the style I'm more or less looking for. Like a more scratchy, oppressive Bone I guess!)

But yeah! One of these was done yesterday, the one with the head on the stick was just now. Kinda suffered a bit for a lack of 0.05 laser-accuracy microscope pen; Kit kindly lent me his for when I was doing Sticks' face, but when I got around to the background he wasn't around anymore so I made do with a 0.5 mm. Yeah, PEN GEEK.

Not sure about her cut-off shoulders longsleeve thing here (also in better context here). I can't decide if it looks cool or if it looks contrived and impractical. It's just not NINJA. But with all the sticks and stuff it kinda breaks things up a bit, so I dunno. Wotev :D

Anyway. Comics. I found 8 pages of pencils of a short Rockfall story HIDDEN my laptop, between the keyboard and the screen! Which goes to show when I last picked up my guitar I guess, AGES ago. 'cos I put my guitar thru my laptop. Like ya do. :) So yeah, when I've inked that I'll post it, it's pretty cool. I'm also working on a Sticks / Idyllic story which I'm making up as I go along, which I'm posting up as I do it over at deviantart. I'll whack it up on my website and link to it from here when I'm finished.

Also, I'm going to Leeds thoughtbubble thing! It's only a 500 hour drive! It'll be FUN!!

So yeah. Done!