Thursday, 21 May 2009

Just read I Kill Giants


It's awesome. As I was nearing the end I was blubbing like a schoolgirl and had to hide 'cos some people out the window saw me and I didn't want to be caught crying at a comic book. I remember checking it out for the art when it was out in singles and I never really stuck with it (I always forget to buy singles. I tried to collect Incognito by Sean Phillips & Ed Brubaker but it's already on issue..3? 4? When the hell did that happen?!), but IKG works fantastically as a BIG TRADE BOOK. Writing's great, the art's great, well worth whatever needs to be paid to get it. Yeah!!

Rockfall news; I still haven't built any new copies yet. I'm gonna rework it a bit, do a new cover and have it ready for 176 I reckon. I've had 4 copies in the comic shop for weeks now, I sold one! Which is great! :D Then Kit took in his beautiful Little Red Ronin comic and sold out in a few days. Damn! I need to get some chicks, in colour, on the cover. :D XD Selling at cons is much easier than selling in a shop I've decided, gotta up my game.

I might also have another comic for 176, but I really need to get my ass in gear for that so maybe not.

Yep! :D