Sunday, 16 August 2009


Caption was cool! got some wicked stuff. There are some really good books out at the moment, one of these days I'll write all about em. :D Talked to lots of people too, and ate a squid. I want to write more! But sleep is so strong!

Also I've been scanning in part 1 of the Sticks comic; I missed out an entire spread though, and didn't realise till just now and it's late and I need bed! 0_0 So that'll be out tomorrow evening, 9 pages hurrah! :D Heehee, I thought it was over quickly when I proofread it... I'm a terrible proofreader :D Then it'll be another part of about 9 pages next week, and then the end which is about 6 a week or so after that. Then I'm gonna look into toning it. :)

So yeah, comics tomorrow, and a Caption report. And maybe a long-overdue 176 report. yep!

night night!