Saturday, 10 July 2010


Following on from Mark Pearce's lead, I went and got myself a Folksy account and chucked some comics on it! So if you wanna buy a comic and have me scribble in it (and probably all over the envelope too), check it out! I haven't had any orders yet, be the first! :D It's UK only at the moment I'm afraid 'cos the only way I can set it up for international orders is to charge a fortune, so I'm holding off on that until I find a way to charge what it actually costs to ship. BUT! UK is all good, and pretty cheap! :D

ALSO! I've read some amazing comics lately, and I wanna share 'em with you.

First and foremost is Strangers in Paradise by Terry Moore; it's been knocking around for a long while now, about as long as Bone I think, but for some reason I'd never heard of it until I got into his current series Echo, and delved into his old stuff. And it's awesome! Why have I not heard of it before? I thought I was into my indie comics, it's like knowing the Alps reasonable well and not noticing one of the tallest mountains. ANYWAY. It's about Katchoo, and her best friend Francine, who Katchoo is secretly in love with, despite her being in love with a male fleabag. They then meet David, who falls for Kachoo, and then they get hunted by the mob and have lots of fights, it's great. :D Terry Moore's artwork is stunning, the characters are written and drawn like real people with all the imperfections that entails and it's made it the best book I've read in YEARS. And the best thing is, there's 6 massive volumes of it and I have 4 more to go! :D Man, so excited. So yeah! If you haven't read it, check it out!

Second! Saturn Apartments! It's a story about Mitsu, a kid who wants to find out what happened to his dad who disappeared CLEANING THE WINDOWS ON THE OUTSIDE OF A GIANT SPACE STATION RING THAT ENCIRCLES AN UNINHABITED EARTH. And it's beautiful, real laid back and just lounges around in its futuristic setting, which is my favourite way for scifi stories to be. It's more about Mitsu fitting in, cats in spacesuits, and, really. There is some mystery, and potentially some romance I guess, but I really liked the muddling through life feeling. There's no grand opera, just Mitsu and the things that happen to him. I wanna visit him and give him a perk up sandwich or something. But yeah, the art is great, way cuter than I expected for this kind of story. Highly recommended, again! :D

I also picked up Sky Doll! And I really like that too! Ok, so I'm a sucker for amnesiac robot girls trying to work out what their purpose in life is (Battle Angel Alita kinda left an indelible mark on my brain, like a barcode), but man that book's beautiful. Such a mash of styles, it's like western layouts with eastern art and disney expressions. Chuck in some religious totalitarian government conspiracies, boobs and a manic sense of humour and yeah, you got a pretty good book! mmm, euro-book :D

Finally I got Ryan Armand's Great! book this week! Man I hope it ends well, going through that whole rollercoaster again was tough XD but yeah, wicked book. :D

Yeah! That's whay I've been doing then. Stuff! :D Tomorrow I'm gonna do MORE stuff, probably put more books up for sale, do some comics, laze arouuuunnnnnnnd :D Oh and watch Spain win the World Cup of course. C'mon, Spain! I've got a fiver on ya! I'm playing in defence, #3, see if you can spot me! Cheer me on! :D

Yeah! Rock awwwn!

- pf!