Tuesday, 14 July 2009


YEAH! Urgent news! If you saw us at the UK Webcomix Thing in March you'll remember Kit! He had this great little minicomic called Little Red Ronin! He didn't have a website then, but he now has a blarrrg, right here! He'll be worth keeping up with I reckon, 'cos the guy just never stops drawing. He's drawing now, I can see him. :D I love Kit's stuff, so yeah, i'm proper happy I get to see more of it. :D

Urgent news #2!!
I've also been working on a comic with the inimitable and expungable Nick Liaw, a comic called DIG IT! It's a collab comic, he does a page, I do a page, etc, and it's going remarkably well! Hooray! So yeah, check out the comic and check out Nick's site 'cos he's amaaaazzzing. :D


Hello! :D

Apologies for lack of comics lately, but I have been busy! Making THIS!

That's me, in it. It was for my sister's 21st Disney-themed party, which was awesome, everyone totally went the distance with the costumes and she had a great time! :D

So! now I've finished that, I can get back on with the Sticks thing.

Finally, yeah, I still need to review the 176 con and give a big YO out to all the people I met. I'll do it! It was so awesome I only have to shut my eyes to be transported back there, so I'll do that later this week.