Thursday, 18 March 2010

Cancelled Webcomix Thing table next weekend


Yeah, I've had to cancel my table at the UK Webcomix Thing. So if you want a table, go grab it!! It's there!

But yeah, work has really kicked my ass over the last few months and I haven't been able to get anything ready, and rather than just sell the exact same stuff I was selling last year I'd rather not exhibit. To put this in context, I'm working now, and will be for another few hours, and this has been going on for getting on 3 months now, weekend included sometimes. Right now I'm in Macclesfield, near Manchester! That's like, a whole other planet for me! Crazy. It's not like I haven't done anything, Broomsquad will be out in the next few months in a magazine, and I've made headway on other stuff, but nothing's ready. So yeah, I'm bailing, and I'm totally gutted about it 'cos it was promising to be my favourite con, like, ever.

So! I'm still going! But just as a punter. :) Hopefully a combination of work cooling down in a few weeks and the shame of attending a con but not selling will propel me into producing a shitload of stuff, right? :D Yeah!

If you're going, seeya there! I'll be the one laughing at Claude for BEING STUCK BEHIND A TABLE FOREVER. :I


But yeah, sorry guys. :(