Friday, 6 November 2009

Sticks art! :D


I got some fanart from the awesome shape-throwin' pen of Will Kirkby! :D I've been a fan of Will's work since we met at Caption last year, so to get unsolicited art from him is such a great thing for me, I just keep squintin' at it. :D

I love Will's stuff, his art style is epic, he writes from the heart and I totally envy his drive and enthusiasm for drawing new stuff. I mean, his stuff is so distinctive you'd know it was Will if you only had like the top left corner of a panel. If there was something in the top left corner. I'm not sure I could get it from just the border. Right.

Anyway, yeah! Thanks Will! :D

Also, thanks to Paul for chucking me a link! I'm a massive fan of Freakangels (dude, Friday is FREAKANGELS day. :D) and Paul's art in general, so yeah, thanks man, I'm glad you liked it. :)

As for me, work's been mental this last few weeks (wor + MCM Expo + perparation pretty much wiped me out!) but hopefully I can get on with the next Rockfall very soon. I'm aiming to get it done by the Webcomix Thing in March! That's it! That's when! I can do it! :D I've got a... rough... plot... outline...


GTG! :D -pf!