Thursday, 9 April 2009


Hi! First off an apology; I'm kinda theming my website and journal around Rockfall, the scifi thing I finished a few weeks ago, but there's none of it online and there aren't any left to buy! I suck! So yeah, sorry about that. I have another 12-page Rockfall story I want to serialise online, so I reckon I'll soon be posting that. Sit tight! :D There are a few copies left in Chaos City Comics in St. Albans tho, if you're interested and local. :)

Another apology; I'm messing around with Journal stuff, so this is all gonna be bonkers around here for a wee while. I wanna use this as the front page of my website eventually so I'm kickin' it into shape! It hurts! ;_;but YEAH! Comics update! The UK Webcomix Thing went really well, sold loads of comics and met loads of cool people! I'm totally planning on highlighting the comics I bought and loved, there were a lot! :D I'm gonna try and do that this weekend.

The next comic I'm working on isn't Rockfall, it's another thing, and if I've spoken to you over the last few weeks about what it is, it isn't that. But it's gonna be awesome, and finished in time for 176 on the 27th June in London. Tho I haven't written it yet. O_O aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I've been inspired by Two Lane Blacktop, and while it's not really gonna be like that I'm gonna be channelling its awesome. :D

Finally, Kit Wallis was exhibiting with me at the Thing the other week, but his site has stopped working! noo! I'll post where when it's back! It should be on In the meantime any comments here will get to him; he sits on my left at work, so any comments or physical abuse left here will be duly passed on, you betcha :D

Anyway. Back to the great CSS battle. POW!